Diary – Sunday 30th January

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On Sunday the 30th (January) We have continued with the editing, and we have uploaded the extra footage from Saturday. At the moment we are having to make many cuts to fit our 2 minute film into the 2 minute guidelines. Over the next few weeks we have in lessons and over the weekends we will continue to edit our footage down to fit it into the two minute allowance time. Also we are having a friend compose some music for us to fit with the footage. Hopefully we can record a choir singing to go along with already composed music, this is something that Joe and his friend have been focussing on.



Diary – 24th – 27th January

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Over Monday 24th to Wednesday 27th Joe and I have started to edit the footage from Saturday 22nd. In this process we decided that we need to film some more shots around selected areas, such as the church and we also need to find a location to be the characters house. We have decided on a house to use and we will therefore go and finish our filming this upcoming Saturday (The 29th).

Joe and Shenny have also started to create the music we will upload onto the film. They are using a music programme called, Cubase 5 and Virtual Studio Technology (VST), we decided on having a full orchestra involved and this is where VST comes in to help recreating the orchestral sounds without having to actually record and hire a full orchestra.

Bellow is an image from ‘Cubase 5’ and the process of the music being made.

Also below is a picture of Shenny and Joe working on the VST.


Diary – Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd

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Today (Saturday 22nd) Joe and I have started filming. We have filmed as much as possible in the places that we wanted to film in, including the forest, the church and the street. We didn’t film as much as we needed so we are going to plan and consider choosing another day to go and finish the rest of the filming we wish to have.

On Sunday Joe uploaded the footage we filmed on Saturday onto his laptop so during our media lessons at school over the next few weeks we can edit the footage we have, together.

Here are some pictures from Saturday of Joe and I filming and the creation of our characters –

Here is an screenshot of the video uploaded onto the editing software (CS5 version of Adobe Premiere Pro.) –

Diary – Wednesday 19th

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Today and a few days before, as planned by, Wednesday 19th, everything ordered has arrived and is ready for the following Saturday for us to start our filming.


Diary – Thursday 13th

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On Thursday (13th) Joe and I have found, ordered and bought all the elements to make up our Mise en scene and our characters costumes. For the Mise en scene we have ordered black roses, and found the locations of where we are going to be filming. For the Characters costumes we have followed along the theme of the Victorian dress, we have bought waistcoats, a pocket watch, a tie and shoes (for the character Hansel) And for the character Gretel we have bought a dress, a chain and boots. I have also been and bought the make-up needed to create our characters individual spooky looks. We have gained inspirational themes for the make-up and clothing from the movie ‘The Corpse Bride’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’  both directed by Tim Burton.

This first picture below is the inspiration we have had for Katherine’s and Jim’s costume, the flowers specifically and the dark eye make-up. For Jim we would like to create Hansel’s look inspired by the male character below, the dark make-up is key to creating a horror element to the film. Also the waistcoat, and blazer are inspired from ‘The corpse Bride’.

The second picture bellow is from ‘Alice in wonder land’ by Tim Burton and the pocket watch that is held by the white rabbit.


Diary 11th & 12th

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Over Tuesday and Wednesday (11th & 12th) we have finished our story board to fit what we want to happen in the film. We have planned each section with detail so when we come to filming we can create exactly what we need and want to create the film to how we want it. The rest of our Pre-Production has been finalised also.


29/12/2010 – Diary

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Joe and I are currently finalising all the last details for the Mise en Scene for our Hansel and Gretel production, we will then go on to order them from the websites.

We have also cast our two characters, Hansel will be played by Jim Lidster-Brown and Gretel by Katherine Terris. So we are planning to design their costumes and find all the details that need to be put into their characters specific look.

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