On Thursday (13th) Joe and I have found, ordered and bought all the elements to make up our Mise en scene and our characters costumes. For the Mise en scene we have ordered black roses, and found the locations of where we are going to be filming. For the Characters costumes we have followed along the theme of the Victorian dress, we have bought waistcoats, a pocket watch, a tie and shoes (for the character Hansel) And for the character Gretel we have bought a dress, a chain and boots. I have also been and bought the make-up needed to create our characters individual spooky looks. We have gained inspirational themes for the make-up and clothing from the movie ‘The Corpse Bride’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’  both directed by Tim Burton.

This first picture below is the inspiration we have had for Katherine’s and Jim’s costume, the flowers specifically and the dark eye make-up. For Jim we would like to create Hansel’s look inspired by the male character below, the dark make-up is key to creating a horror element to the film. Also the waistcoat, and blazer are inspired from ‘The corpse Bride’.

The second picture bellow is from ‘Alice in wonder land’ by Tim Burton and the pocket watch that is held by the white rabbit.