This Blog will be made into categories, for the coursework I will complete over the year for my AS course.

There will be two tasks I will have to complete with my groups. The tasks will consist of us working together to get an end result. However within the two main tasks there will be smaller tasks that we will each complete on our own to add detail and depth to our final product.

The first task of the two is a minor one in comparison, but will hold key sections to help us, as a group, towards our second task, which our focus will be upon.

The preliminary task is the build up to the main  task in May( it will be refered to as ‘The May task’.)

My blog will consist of posts in the different categories, each post will hold information about what we are doing as a group and the tasks we are completing as individuals.

On the Preliminary task I have worked with –

James Hall

Kieran Purton

Joe Beckwith.

On the May task, Joe and I decided we would work better as two groups therefore Joe and I are working together; separately to Kieran and James.


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