Over Monday 24th to Wednesday 27th Joe and I have started to edit the footage from Saturday 22nd. In this process we decided that we need to film some more shots around selected areas, such as the church and we also need to find a location to be the characters house. We have decided on a house to use and we will therefore go and finish our filming this upcoming Saturday (The 29th).

Joe and Shenny have also started to create the music we will upload onto the film. They are using a music programme called, Cubase 5 and Virtual Studio Technology (VST), we decided on having a full orchestra involved and this is where VST comes in to help recreating the orchestral sounds without having to actually record and hire a full orchestra.

Bellow is an image from ‘Cubase 5’ and the process of the music being made.

Also below is a picture of Shenny and Joe working on the VST.