29/12/2010 – Diary

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Joe and I are currently finalising all the last details for the Mise en Scene for our Hansel and Gretel production, we will then go on to order them from the websites.

We have also cast our two characters, Hansel will be played by Jim Lidster-Brown and Gretel by Katherine Terris. So we are planning to design their costumes and find all the details that need to be put into their characters specific look.


Diary 08-December-2010

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We have decided to change into two seperate groups, and we feel that this will be benificial to us. We found that working in one group was not working for us so now as two seperate groups is we will continue to work.

At the momment Joe and I are working towards making the story board, after constructing our plot. I am currently finalising the last few details for our plot before I move on to drawing the second and final draft of our story board.