Suspiria – Deconstruction

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– No rhythm at first, makes the auidence ask questions because there was a build up in the music making the auidence apprehensive about what is going to happen. However there is nothing happening in the scene to imply something bad will happen. Therefore it is said that the music is out of sync to what is being shown on the screen.
– Drums add to this build up they have no rhythm.
– Voice/speech/ Narration setting scene.
– Soft music. High pitched layers.
– Goes back to no rhythm – panic sounding.
– Footsteps/wheels/foreign over-head/electric doors.

-Medium shot, understand all the information.
-Midshot, sets scene – normal airport. Shows characters emotion.
-Longshot – deserted entrance/exit. Shows where she is going.
-Midshot shows worried curious expression.

– Opening credits – accompanied with music
– Short amounts of cuts at least 12. They’re longer to set the start of the scene.
– Lots of cuts build drama.
– Thunder. Twinkly music.
– Rain/car noises (On and off depending on what the camera is showing.) If it’s the character showed there is no music, as the camera cuts the sound effects change. (This is interlinked with the Sound.)

Mise en Scene
– Shows flight board (arival/departure.) Realistic creates scene.
– Lots of different people going about their business.
– Air hostess- people every day/ordinary as well.
– Plastic waiting airport seats.
– Suitcases – understanding characters situation.


Big Fish – Deconstruction

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Classically composed. Creates a calm atmosphere. Also expresses a gradual build up.
Composed to fit the images on screen
Sound effects – water movement
Narration at first, then shown who is speaking
Other characters – here their reactions, gasps of breathe. Round of applause. Speech.
Narration matches images on the screen, his childhood growing up.
Understand that this is central to the character’s life as a boy and now as an older man.

Mise en Scene:
Water, under a lake.
Weeds and fish.
Fishing hooks
Sun rays through the water. (Lighting technique.)
Wall paper – child’s bedroom – their own drawing which is also in relation to the narration.
Scout campfire. Tents. Uniforms.
Possibly set in a wedding scene, posh dress, formal, flowers.

The editing uses transitions such as a ‘fade out’ to move from one scene to another. There are a number of cuts in the opening minutes to this film, ‘Big Fish’.
The actresses and actors name’s come up in a simple font and to the side of the main picture.
Shows the production log/animation of ‘Columbia’.

Close ups to the fish
Long shots to see the background of the situation
Medium shots to establish the scenes.
The camera shows a timeline of events in the opening scene, creates a build up.
Extreme close ups on the mans hand/wedding ring finger. This is obviously significant to the story and relates to the narrative being heard by the audience.
See silhouette of an extremely large fish.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Deconstruction

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-Classical music composed to what’s going on, on the screen. (Synchronised.) Building emotion.
-Diegetic sounds, characters singing.
-Narration. (Voice over.)
-Sound effects – bell/wind
-Would have a specific Score written for it.

Mise en Scene
-Graphics used to produce a location.
-Graphics are used to create the characters as well. Set facial expressions and
-Characters can be understood through their clothes and the props they hold.

-Close ups
-Medium shots – shows scene
-Long shots – sets scene
-Tilted upwards

-Fancy writing, For the title the names of actors/actresses were not displayed.
-Transitions from scene to scene and from cut to cut.
A dissolve is used.

The Chronicles of Narnia

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Camera –
• Close-ups – feet faces – expressions of panic shown matches the dialogue of screams.
• Long shots from the sky – sets the scene understand that it is a war setting.
• Tracking of planes and bombs.

Editing –
• 3 minutes for the opening.
• Lots of cuts – expresses panic and how scared characters are.

• Dark sounds, sirens – increasing in volume – ups how scared characters are – builds the atmosphere and panic.
• Dialogue is muffled through radios when the pilots are talking.
• Trumpets in the orchestral background music.
• Airplanes – bombs – jet fighters.
• Dialogue – screams panic hurry to the shelter.

Mise en scene –
• Clouds and fog– mysterious beginning.
• Lights from the sky – relates to war times with the big search lights from the enmy – exactly what they are.
• Pilots wearing gas masks.
• Bombs create fire – look like bombs.
• Shelter tin like, beds, lights and blankets – realistic.
• Home sofa, curtains bedrooms.
• Clothes – WW2 time
• Nazi symbol on the planes.
• Fire reflection in the window.

Sweeny Todd – Deconstruction

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Sound –
• Dark music
• Dramatic entrance to film through the music.
• Intertextual reference by using the organ – was used in older movies to be creepy.
• Unsettling orchestral music – builds tension to the plot line. No speech is used.
Editing –
• Titles are shown over the introduction.
• A fair amount of cuts have been used. Not very fast passed but it is not slow either this builds tensions and the atmosphere.
Camera –
• Medium and long shots are used to set the atmosphere and where and when the movie was based. Different to other movies.
• Tracking the buildings and silhouettes of life in that age of time.
• Close-ups of detail for e.g. the cogs and pies, furnace and other mysterious details.
Mise en Scene –
• Rain and mist – quite an old age when smog had an effect.
• Building look old and creepy – sets scene being more realistic.
• Red blood stands out from a grey background.
• Cogs turning – industry.
• Pies – fire – realistic related to food – food business is introduced to audience’s minds.
• Red river is disturbing.
• Meet being minced.
• Underground – dark – mysterious – sewers possibly?

The Phantom of the Opera – Deconstruction

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Sound –
• High pitched
• Minor
• Synth
• Rain and a car
• Voices – children
• Train horn?
• Walking
• Dog barking
• Flying birds
• Auction voice
• Hammer auction
• Singing voices.

Camera shots –
• Tracks into the title and a candle.
• Tacks into a picture of a building and a date.
• Turns into an over view of the town.
• Shows a car pulling up. And the logo on the side.
• Medium close up of feet and a wheels of a wheel chair on a cobbled pavement.
• Shot of the wheelchair in use and a man getting into it.
• Close up of the moving wheels and feet.
• Then a show of the banner which sets the scene.
• Panning around the room, cobwebs and birds. Could tell that the place was grand, big stairs, the voice echos.
• Shows the stalls of a theatre and the balcony people would sitr on.
• Fancy old run down statues panning again.
• Medium close ups between man and woman.

Mise en Scene
• Candle burning – perhaps represents life.
• Black and white picture shows an old fashioned setting
• Shows a shield logo of some sort, maybe the character has a high status in society
• Old fashioned clothes.. shoes.
• Broken looking building makes it feel like it has been abandoned, spooky setting to be.
• Very echo like.
• Birds flying around like it is their home, shows it’s abandoned.
• Was a high status building, relates to the character having a high status. Balcones, like a theatre would have.
• Wearing the fashion for that time, sets the scene.
• Black and white shows sadness off the scene
• Cobwebs show the oldness of the place. Also adds to setting the scene, makes it more realistic.
• Grudge
• Low key
• High pitched
• Wired voices
• Whispering
• Bang
• High pitched singing notes
• Running water
• Birds
• Creaking
• Wind
• Talking, high pitched wind.
• Splat!

Camera shots –
• Door slams close up of the key hole on the door
• Written language is shown.
• Talk about curses
• When fading out key words stay red
• Over view of a river and its surroundings. Overhead!
• Medium shot of women in bed
• Medium close up of the man on a balcony, can see the height
• Watch the man fall. Adds shock to the scene.
• Overhead shot of where he is falling, shows the height.
• Swishes back round to the women’s facial expressions, medium shots.

Mise en Scene
• Old fashioned door handle, with delicate art work
• Modern day world, a working river with boats and people, cars.
• Modern day city – realistic setting
• Bedroom modern day innocent setting really realistic for the audience
• Building work being done makes it seem like an everyday setting

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Deconstruction

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• Long shot – camera moves towards industrial looking towers.
• Uses close ups when the hand places a golden ticket on the chocolate before being rapped.
• Pans backwards to understand what is going on – sets scene for the audience.
• Follows the chocolates journey at an eye level.
• Actors and important people to the film, names are shown over the film – Titles.
• Opening lasts 3 minutes to open and set the movie.
• Not many cuts- fast flowing with the music as well.
Mise en Scene:
• Manufacturing – industrial pipes – smoke coming from the top.
• Mad manufacturing hot air balloons used to carry the chocolate.
• Golden tickets.
• Mad cuffs on the arm of the person laying the golden tickets.
• Towers are grey and gloomy small slits like they had in castles for the arrow shooters.
• ‘wonka’ brand name.
• Snow and fog – sets scene – reality
• Fans look dangerous – mixes with the music.
• Dark and gloomy.
• Creepy sci-fi elements to the orchestral music.
• Violins/synth.
• Inter-textual reference to a chase possibly – or build up to a fight scene.
• Very dramatic – crescendo, Diminuendo.
• Sound of machines of work / sound of ticket being placed– relates to Mise en scene.

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