Camera –
• Close-ups – feet faces – expressions of panic shown matches the dialogue of screams.
• Long shots from the sky – sets the scene understand that it is a war setting.
• Tracking of planes and bombs.

Editing –
• 3 minutes for the opening.
• Lots of cuts – expresses panic and how scared characters are.

• Dark sounds, sirens – increasing in volume – ups how scared characters are – builds the atmosphere and panic.
• Dialogue is muffled through radios when the pilots are talking.
• Trumpets in the orchestral background music.
• Airplanes – bombs – jet fighters.
• Dialogue – screams panic hurry to the shelter.

Mise en scene –
• Clouds and fog– mysterious beginning.
• Lights from the sky – relates to war times with the big search lights from the enmy – exactly what they are.
• Pilots wearing gas masks.
• Bombs create fire – look like bombs.
• Shelter tin like, beds, lights and blankets – realistic.
• Home sofa, curtains bedrooms.
• Clothes – WW2 time
• Nazi symbol on the planes.
• Fire reflection in the window.