Sound –
• Dark music
• Dramatic entrance to film through the music.
• Intertextual reference by using the organ – was used in older movies to be creepy.
• Unsettling orchestral music – builds tension to the plot line. No speech is used.
Editing –
• Titles are shown over the introduction.
• A fair amount of cuts have been used. Not very fast passed but it is not slow either this builds tensions and the atmosphere.
Camera –
• Medium and long shots are used to set the atmosphere and where and when the movie was based. Different to other movies.
• Tracking the buildings and silhouettes of life in that age of time.
• Close-ups of detail for e.g. the cogs and pies, furnace and other mysterious details.
Mise en Scene –
• Rain and mist – quite an old age when smog had an effect.
• Building look old and creepy – sets scene being more realistic.
• Red blood stands out from a grey background.
• Cogs turning – industry.
• Pies – fire – realistic related to food – food business is introduced to audience’s minds.
• Red river is disturbing.
• Meet being minced.
• Underground – dark – mysterious – sewers possibly?