– No rhythm at first, makes the auidence ask questions because there was a build up in the music making the auidence apprehensive about what is going to happen. However there is nothing happening in the scene to imply something bad will happen. Therefore it is said that the music is out of sync to what is being shown on the screen.
– Drums add to this build up they have no rhythm.
– Voice/speech/ Narration setting scene.
– Soft music. High pitched layers.
– Goes back to no rhythm – panic sounding.
– Footsteps/wheels/foreign over-head/electric doors.

-Medium shot, understand all the information.
-Midshot, sets scene – normal airport. Shows characters emotion.
-Longshot – deserted entrance/exit. Shows where she is going.
-Midshot shows worried curious expression.

– Opening credits – accompanied with music
– Short amounts of cuts at least 12. They’re longer to set the start of the scene.
– Lots of cuts build drama.
– Thunder. Twinkly music.
– Rain/car noises (On and off depending on what the camera is showing.) If it’s the character showed there is no music, as the camera cuts the sound effects change. (This is interlinked with the Sound.)

Mise en Scene
– Shows flight board (arival/departure.) Realistic creates scene.
– Lots of different people going about their business.
– Air hostess- people every day/ordinary as well.
– Plastic waiting airport seats.
– Suitcases – understanding characters situation.