Sound –
• opening credits, dark and spooky music, orchestra,
• Thunder, lightning and rain.
• Strings emphasising the danger
• Sounds like a fan moving around the room also like a creature grumbling.
• Heavy objects being thrown onto a surface.
• Sound affects added in.
• Minor, screaming, drums low key.
• Music puts you on edge.
Camera shots-
• close ups of rain onto a window.
• Shows dark sky at night.
• A doll slowly spinning is shown in a close-up.
• Close up of a metal fan moving with the light shining off of it.
• shows close up of lightning and thunder
• . Medium shot of papers being thrown onto a bed close up of the details
• Titles of the book; close up.
• Close ups keep the mystery.
Mise en scene
• Freaky doll – adds to the suspense, that things are not quite right.
• Shadows – goes into the unknown.
• Dark lighting
• Metal fan, light gleaming off of it. The sound of the fan sounds extremely creepy, like an electrical weapon in use.
• Papers on the bed, seems innocent.
• Flight details, just like someone is going on holiday.
• Lightening looks like shadow of jail bars.
• Touring France book, typical tourist
• Typical bedroom setting more realistic.