From our survey we found that he was one of the most common directors to be mentioned in our participant’s answers, we therefore felt that carrying out some research on him would be necessary and then can be applied to parts of our films.
He is an English film maker, and has been a part of a number of films, here is a selection:

1. Trainspotting
2. 28 Days later
3. Slumdog millionaire
4. 28 weeks later
5. 127 hours.

For all of his films he has won over 60 awards. Boyle’s movies are known for being thrilling, exciting and on edge. Before working in film, Danny worked in theatre; he also had a job within television at one point in his career, working on Doctor Morse as an example. Each of his films have an element of dark humour to them, this is something we would like to be included within the rest of the film, a dark humour was not something however that could be portrayed in the first 2 minutes, therefore it is something that would definitely be added if we had to make the rest of the film