• Long shot – camera moves towards industrial looking towers.
• Uses close ups when the hand places a golden ticket on the chocolate before being rapped.
• Pans backwards to understand what is going on – sets scene for the audience.
• Follows the chocolates journey at an eye level.
• Actors and important people to the film, names are shown over the film – Titles.
• Opening lasts 3 minutes to open and set the movie.
• Not many cuts- fast flowing with the music as well.
Mise en Scene:
• Manufacturing – industrial pipes – smoke coming from the top.
• Mad manufacturing hot air balloons used to carry the chocolate.
• Golden tickets.
• Mad cuffs on the arm of the person laying the golden tickets.
• Towers are grey and gloomy small slits like they had in castles for the arrow shooters.
• ‘wonka’ brand name.
• Snow and fog – sets scene – reality
• Fans look dangerous – mixes with the music.
• Dark and gloomy.
• Creepy sci-fi elements to the orchestral music.
• Violins/synth.
• Inter-textual reference to a chase possibly – or build up to a fight scene.
• Very dramatic – crescendo, Diminuendo.
• Sound of machines of work / sound of ticket being placed– relates to Mise en scene.