Classically composed. Creates a calm atmosphere. Also expresses a gradual build up.
Composed to fit the images on screen
Sound effects – water movement
Narration at first, then shown who is speaking
Other characters – here their reactions, gasps of breathe. Round of applause. Speech.
Narration matches images on the screen, his childhood growing up.
Understand that this is central to the character’s life as a boy and now as an older man.

Mise en Scene:
Water, under a lake.
Weeds and fish.
Fishing hooks
Sun rays through the water. (Lighting technique.)
Wall paper – child’s bedroom – their own drawing which is also in relation to the narration.
Scout campfire. Tents. Uniforms.
Possibly set in a wedding scene, posh dress, formal, flowers.

The editing uses transitions such as a ‘fade out’ to move from one scene to another. There are a number of cuts in the opening minutes to this film, ‘Big Fish’.
The actresses and actors name’s come up in a simple font and to the side of the main picture.
Shows the production log/animation of ‘Columbia’.

Close ups to the fish
Long shots to see the background of the situation
Medium shots to establish the scenes.
The camera shows a timeline of events in the opening scene, creates a build up.
Extreme close ups on the mans hand/wedding ring finger. This is obviously significant to the story and relates to the narrative being heard by the audience.
See silhouette of an extremely large fish.