Suspense is something that makes the audience of Hitchcock’s movies so scared. The build-up that goes along with this suspense is something that is created by the music, acting and camera angles. During the creation of the suspense there are not many cuts of the action which builds the tension and suspense of what is going to happen next.

In the birds for example it is placed in a mundane setting, somewhere that is familiar looking and has an element of safety and protection around it. Its set in a family setting the offer friendly, kind faces and a lot of heart is shown by Hitchcock. He also takes a safe setting for all people, the shower. Displayed in Psycho when the character innocently jumps in the shower of the motel – a safe place so to seem, and then the character is killed. Hitchcock takes places that are safe to people and turns them into a scary setting something that makes it disturbing to watch. Also displayed in the ‘Birds’ the birds are ones that are seen every day in the places in which we live (feel safe) and Hitchcock creatively manipulates this.

Another element that is genuinely scary in Hitchcock’s movies is when he takes a scenario that is very unlikely to happen, he turns it into something that can happen and shows how it will happen. Making the audience genuinely terrified that it could happen to them. They could be killed in a shower; common everyday birds could attack them. It is very unlikely to happen but Hitchcock takes these underlying fears and turns them into reality.

Even though Hitchcock uses some element of music – in the birds he uses no scores of music, something which manipulates the audience further.

We can take a twist on these elements applying them to our 2 minute clip to manipulate our audience and make them genuinely terrified.