We showed our preliminary film to 80+ people, and we asked similar people to complete the following survey to help us in creating out ‘Hansel and Gretel’ project. Throughout the survey below is some of my analysis of the answers, and how we will apply their feedback towards our new project.

1. Are you Male or Female?

Male 81%

Female 19%

2. Which age range do you come under?

15-20 89%

21-30 6%

31+ 5%

3. What is your favourite horror movie?

(These were the most popular results)

Psycho Exorcist


Sweeney Todd

Nightmare on Elm Street

4. Who is your favourite Horror director?

(These were the most popular results.)

Tim Burton

Edgar Wright

Alfred Hitchcock

Danny Boyle

Stephen Spilberg

From the last two questions we will complete deconstructions on the most popular (to our survey) directors and named films, to see how we can possibly recreate certain elements that are involved in these favourite movies, transferring them into our own film.

5. In a Horror/Thriller movie what scares you most?

1. Suspense before climax

2. Blood and Gore

3. All the Scary sounds.

4. Parts which are scary and make you jump.

5. Dolls under the bed.

6. Sudden and Unexpected events.

7. Creepy things that cannot be explained

8. Seeing bones/body parts break And when children are involved.

9. Paranormal activity as an overview.

10. Emotion

11. Music

12. Things which are gruesome and things that jump out at you unexpectedly

13. All the elements of a typical Horror movie, put together, scare me most.

14. A monster

15. Element of Surprise.

16. Saw – everything in it.

17. Unexpected parts

18. Unexplainable parts

19. Death, Blood and Gore

20. Surprises

21. When there is a sudden lash out that isn’t expected.

22. Blood and when something sudden happens with the characters.

23. When events happen all of a sudden.

24. things jumping out at you

25. The Grudge.

26. When something pops out and makes you jump.

27. Things jumping out

28. Events that make you jump out of your skin.

29. Gorey aspects

30. Lots of blood and the characters put you off guard

31. When there is a sudden shriek of screaming

32. The costumes/setting and music; all working together.

6. There are two main types of Horror, which do you prefer?

Killer 45%

Psycho Thriller 55% 7.

7. Do you find that specific sorts of music have an effect on how scary a particular scene is?

Yes 74%

No 26%

From these results we decided to create a soundtrack which would fit to the specific scene. Therefore a composition has been made that will fit our film footage and add emphasis to particular shots.

8. According to your answer in question (7) please describe briefly why you feel that way about the music?

1. Usually in horror, I feel classical music is more appropriate. The music needs to work with what is taking place on screen.

2. if its used at the right time it can make something scarier or increase tension effectively, at the wrong time its just annoying.

3. Raises the suspense.

4. Music creates the atmosphere, which obviously makes the movie scary.

5. Some music makes you apprehensive and you know some things coming but not what.

6. It depends if there is heart beating you know something scary is going to happen, so sound effects more than music

7. Certain music can set a scene and build up to a moment

8. The music has to be of a good standard to create the scary affect if it is not of a good standard then it does not work or create a scary atmosphere.

9. It brings out the emotion through texture and timbre.

10. Because it makes you jump.

11. Because it adds tension to a scene.

12. I feel Atonal music has a drastic effect on the audience.

13. It depends on the type of music.

14. It tells you that something bad is going to happen and you don’t know what, how or when.

15. It builds the tension

16. it sets the mood

17. It builds the tension of a scene which then makes the audience jump more.

18. Different types of music can build tension and suspense or it can calm the audience.

19. It creates tension

20. It sounds like it is leading up to something.