Currently our group is working on the production of our plot. We have decided to create a dark twist on a childrens story such as Hansel and Gretel. Our inspiration comes from directors, Tim Burton, who has created a dark twist on childrens story’s such as ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ originally written by Roald Dahl. So I am going to find some out information on the original fairy tale and make a plot line which incorporates the original plot from the book… with our own Horror and fantasy twist.

We have decided to stick with the Horror genre and we may possibly throw in some element of Thriller or Fantasy movies to create something different to our Priliminary task. We have decided to stick with the Horror genre to show that we can improve the things that went wrong last time; only with a completley different plot and inspiration.

We are also currently planning our storyboard and I have  created our survey and put it out for people to complete above the age of 15; because our movie is going to be aimed at the ages of 15+.

Here is a link to our Survey: