As a group we have started the planning and filming for our preliminary media studies coursework task named; ‘The Daydream’. As a group we decided on the genre, Horrow and the certification of a 15. Together as a group we have completed 12 deconstructions of other Horror movies, so when creating and making the final plans for our coursewoek task we can apply details into our horror clip. By deconstructing scenes from movies it has helped our own clips to become more realistic and improve our original ideas. For our preliminary task I have created a story board, also we have come up with a plot outline.

Personally I have deconstructed the three movies; The Grudge, The Phantom of the Opera and Final destenation (2000).  From these I learnt that music and genre have to work together to manipulate the auidence in order to make them scared, to create the right sort of atmosphere . I noticed that when the Phantom from the ‘Phantom and the Opera’  went to attack someone or the plot developed to a dramatic scene; the music also developed and dramatised to fit the scene. We have planned to co-operate this within our own ‘Day Dream’.