A young man is at school and he falls asleep on his folder.

The man walks down a dark corridor to loud music, to begin with the camera shows only his silhouette. The music is classical and consistently loud creating a heart thumping atmosphere for the audience.  The man walks towards the door at the end of the corridor.

As he approaches his hand reaches towards the door knob; as he twists the handle the door slowly swings open.  The door swings open and the camera tracks the movement of the door to see what the man can see in the room. The man says “Hello…”.

The next shot is a medium shot of the man’s head and shoulders entering into the pitch black room. At this point the music is creating emphasis and atmosphere for the auidence. The camera then pans around the room to reveal a small masked creature huddled in the corner. The windows in the room behind the creature appear to be broken and the tattered curtains sway in the wind.

The man wakes up and the music comes to a sudden stop.